Introducing Lush Coffee Cat. 

A cafe with real coffee and real cats.*  Located in New Hampshire, Lush Coffee Cat is the purrfect place to enjoy our delicious menu.**

Biggles' Black Coffee...2.99

Meow Macchiato...3.99

Skeet's Signature Cattoccino...4.99

The Kitty Utopia...3.99

Kitty Cakes' Kitty Cakes ~ Strawberry, Blueberry, Cranberry...7.99

*no real coffee or cats.

**in fact, not a real place.

The VIKs:

(very important kitties) 🐈


Owner of Lush Coffee Cat. Enjoys coffee we think. Or would enjoy coffee if he was human.

Has no thoughts. Skeets brain 🤝🏻 being empty.

Also known as "Skeeter", "baby-boy skeet", other aliases possible.


Kitty Cakes

This is Kitty Cakes!  She is older than me and is planning on living for at least another three months!

Was found on the side of the road after being run over.  Twice.  Once by a semi truck and again by a Prius.  It was on the freeway, too 😬



This is our friend Fred. He is a small bean. Also a king of mischief.

Almost always says: "...AAh"

Fred enjoys bow ties and long walks by the beach. His best friend is a bird; iconic.



This is our friend Corn. He is has very little hair, but very many of wrinkles. He looks like a cat from the desert.

He is also part bat!

Corn has golfballs for eyes, but also gold for a heart. So yeah. He's a good guy once you get to know him. And all of that for just $0.99!



A CHONKER I mean holy moly. Literally a unit of a cat - like i can't even put it into words holy crap what IS that?

ldkfjlk like freakig massive dude she is HUGE


Enjoys breadsticks.



I'm not convinced that this is a cat...but hey I'm just doing my job, she told me to put her in here, so.

Just one of those days you know?  Like I'm here, I showed up today, I'm fulfilling requested changes, I even brought everybody lunch today but it STILL isn't enough. Like for once give it A REST Susan get off my case you know? So overbearing always breathing down my know what Susan? Maybe sometimes you're the problem, and maybe you should own up to your own actions sometimes and act more like an adult instead of blaming everrrrrything on your coworkers. Comes off hella childish. The napkin disaster at the last cookout WAS NOT my fault. And you know it. But guess what. That's the last time I put up with it, Susan. You'll see the repercussions. You'll feel it. Taste it. All in good time, all in good time...mark my words. Mark. My. Words.


Nellie currently appears to be undead.


Update! She is now dead :(


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